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Welcome to KanehBosm Organics!

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We’re so glad you’ve found us! We’d love to tell you a little bit about who we are.
KanehBosm Organics is a small, family-owned business, mainly operated by the owner, Shay Bunch.
Here’s a quick word from Shay:

“KanehBosm Organics was founded after I got SO UNBELIEVABLY TIRED of seeing all of the additives and fillers and pesticides on the CBD shelves in local stores and online. I searched for years and could not find the quality of CBD that I wanted to bring home to my family. (Do you know how much junk CBD is out there?! It’s absolutely appalling!)

Above all, I had a specific list: it needed to be 100% organic, nonGMO, grown in the USA, 3rd party lab tested, and CO2 extracted. I also wanted to make it as affordable as I could for every family out there, because I believe supporting the endocannabinoid system in EVERY human (and mammal) is important.

Consequently, I found that could not fulfill all of these needs ANYWHERE on the CBD market… from big national brands to small mom-and-pop shops; from in-store or online. Because of this, I decided to source my own from the mountains of Colorado, from a friend’s organic farm.

In addition, we wanted first-hand knowledge of and involvement in the hard work: sustainable growing practices; absolutely NO pesticides or chemicals of any kind; 3rd party testing; high concentrate; CO2 extraction; you name it. After all that… FINALLY… I had a product that I was confident in, for myself, my husband, & our kids!

With these high concentrate, organic, all-natural products, that we knew or were involved in, from start to finish… my family began seeing life-changing differences. Quickly, our friends and family started asking what we were doing differently. They were seeing results in us, too… and they wanted to make changes to their own health & lives, for the better! When they started feeling better and seeing the benefits of a high-quality CBD… the word began to spread.

KanehBosm Organics was born.

Now we are humbled and honored to offer an extremely high quality, high concentrate CBD product line for folks nationwide.
I’d like to invite you to give us a try… use code NEEDIT at checkout to get 10% off of your first order!

And please know that I am always reachable by email… so if you’re having issues with online checkout, or want a bit of advice on which products you need, or just need some guidance on dosing… I’m not far away. Give me a shout; I always love to hear from my clients and friends!

Love you guys… and I can’t wait to see how KanehBosm Organics can help YOU.”


KanehBosm Organics offers a variety of CBD options for the entire family… from mom and dad, to kiddos and fur-babies. Be sure to check out our FAQ page to learn more about where we source our products from… and take a moment to browse through our product line.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a lot in the works here at KanehBosm Organics… and much more to come very soon!

Drop us a line if you’d like; we love hearing from our clients and friends! KanehBosmOrganics@gmail.com

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Looking forward to serving y’all!


Shay Bunch
Founder & CEO

who we are KanehBosm Organics KanehBosmOrganics CBD oil tincture cannabidiol hemp serum creme rub Earth Mama Wear EarthMamaWear crunchy natural organic kaneh bosm cannabis hemp holistic



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