Welcome to KanehBosm Organics!

Welcome to KanehBosm Organics!

We’re so glad you’ve found us! KanehBosm Organics offers a variety of CBD options for the entire family… from mom and dad, to kiddos and fur-babies. Be sure to check out our FAQ page to learn more about where we source our products from… and take a moment to browse through our product line.

We’ve got a lot in the works here at KanehBosm Organics… and much more to come very soon!

Drop us a line if you’d like; we love hearing from our clients and friends! KanehBosmOrganics@gmail.com


Shay Bunch
Founder & CEO


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9 thoughts on “Welcome to KanehBosm Organics!”

  1. Hi. I was given this link to look at CBD oil that might help my 16 year old son with anxiety. What do you recommend for his age? Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    What is the difference between cbd oil and isolate?
    Dealing with bad anxiety. Have no idea where to start when it comes to the strength/ dosage….please help!

    1. Hi, Simona! Thanks so much for reaching out! You can find more info here regarding your questions about the differences between CBD isolate and full spectrum: https://www.kanehbosmorganics.com/science-behind-cbd/
      And here is info on dosing for our brand! (Keep in mind that this is high concentrate, so you’ll need to use much LESS of KanehBosm Organics CBD than you would other brands; saving money!): https://www.kanehbosmorganics.com/science-behind-cbd/cbd-oil-dosage-instructions/

      Please feel free to reach out anytime with any other questions you may have! KanehBosmOrganics@gmail.com


  3. Hi Shay.
    Today I purchased your CBD oil at Dennis Coles Postal Service.
    I believe you came in the store while I was there. I have been wanting to try CBD oil for some time and really need to learn more. Can you help me ? Joan.

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